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Cost Effective Solution to R22 Replacment

Heatcraft has commenced distribution of R422D – developed to replace R22 as a near ‘drop-in’ solution. Ideal for users who wish to retain their existing equipment, it offers a distinct financial advantage over the alternate ‘drop in’ R438A, with up to a 40% lower list price.

R422D is suited to low and medium temperature refrigeration systems and can be used with mineral oil (MO) or alkyl benzene (AB) in most commercial systems – however, changing to polyester lubricants (POE), is highly recommended and POE must be used for scroll compressors.

Worthy of note is that the capacity & energy efficiency at low and medium temperature tends to be lower than R22. Heatcraft suggests that if the R22 system was running at maximum capacity, additional capacity may need to be achieved by upsizing the compressor.

The R422D mass flow is also higher than R22. Existing TX valves may be acceptable in many cases, however, if the existing valve was near capacity for the R22 system, a larger valve may be needed when retrofitting the R422D.

R422D is non-ozone depleting, A1 ASHRAE classified: low toxicity, non-flammable and with its lower discharge temperature than R22, may assist in extending compressor longevity. Applications include; supermarket display cases, food preservation, and food processing, ice machines, unitary air conditioning and chillers without flooded heat exchangers.

Heatcraft Australia offer cylinders in 12kg and 60kg sizes. For more information contact Heatcraft on 13 23 50.