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Sauermann Omega Pack with new piston patented technology

Available now from Heatcraft Australia is the Sauermann OMEGA PACK Piston Pump Condensate Removal System with Si-20 Piston Mini-Condensate Pump.

The popular OMEGAPACK incorporates the latest in piston pump technology achieving less runtime thanks to the highest flow rate on the market of up to 20 l/hr. A unique rubber damper specifically designed to reduce vibration transmission to the mini-split/wall allows the pump to operate with the most silent operation on the market.

The OMEGAPACK can be installed on any wall mounted air conditioning unit. The Si-20 is available as a replacement or a stand-alone unit.

Features include;

  • Easy installation
    Complete installation kit and pre-mounted pieces.
    Intuitive back plate positioning.
    Reversible. Can be fitted on the right or left of any wall mounted mini-split air conditioning unit.
    Can be installed on any surface (brick, plaster, wood, etc.).
    “Drain Safe Device” aids connection to the discharge pipe.
  • Easy pump maintenance
    Transparent and removable reservoir.
  • Proven reliability
    No filter. Design to allow free passage of particles up to 2 mm.
    Highest flow of the market - Up to 20ltr/hr = Less run time.
    The Drain Safe Device retains prime and prolongs the pump life.
  • Stand-alone pump available. Order Code: Si-20.

To order your Sauermann OMEGAPACK click through to smart access or contact your nearest Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.