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NEW CPS Airflow Capture Hood

Introducing the all NEW CPS ABM Air Capture Hood. The ABM Easy Hood captures airspeed values from air supply or return/exhaust grilles in residential or commercial buildings and easily converts that into an airflow volume reading.

To accomplish this, the ABM Easy Hood is used with an ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meter (or ABM-100 Airflow Meter) and a smartphone having the latest, free, CPS Link app installed.

Key Features

  • Test and balance reports - automatically generated
  • Easy, accurate and affordable HVAC airflow measurement in a lightweight, compact housing
  • Measures airflow in grilles up to 12” x 12” or up to 24” x 24” with the included Expansion Hood
  • Use smartphone and free CPS LINK app to display, store and send data
  • Also measures temperature, wet bulb, dew point and relative humidity (ABM-200)
  • Accuracy, calibration, certification – in accordance with ANSI / AMCA standards

Additional Features when used with the FREE CPS LinkTM App

  • Client Lists - Enter and retain client information
  • Job Tracker - Create and retain record of services performed
  • Geolocation - Record where (global coordinates) and when (time sharp) tests performed

To order your  CPS ABM-HOOD-200 Easy Hood click through to smart access or contact your nearest Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.