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NEW CPS Smart Tools

New to the Heatcraft range are AAB Smart Tools, brought to you by CPS. This advanced, quality range of Data Loggers, Anemometers, Airflow and Velocity Loggers are Accurate, Affordable and Easy to Use.

TempSmart TS-100 Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Data Analysis – The TempSmart is a powerful data logger that includes measurements for:
• Dry Bulb Temperature
• Wet Bulb Temperature
• Feels Like Temperature
• Relative Humidity
• Dew Point

Big Memory – The TempSmart TS-100 comes with a 32,000 event memory. The user can choose any recording increments from taking 1 reading per second up to 1 reading every 24 hours.

Easy to Use – With incredible graphics and onscreen guidance, the TempSmart TS-100 is easy enough to use for the complete novice, yet powerful and accurate enough for HVAC experts.

Accurate – The TempSmart has temperature accuracy of 0.2oC. This is comparable to the accuracy of meters costing 4 times more than the TS-100.

Affordable – The TempSmart TS-100 has the best performance to cost ratio of any data logger on the market. The TS-100-6PK 6 pack provides even greater value.

ABM-100 & ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meters

The ABM-100 and ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meters eliminate “Margin of Error”.

  • There is no need for a calculator and notepad
  • No need to remember formulas
  • Built-in reminder to account for things like AK factor (free space of a grille)
  • They utilise an easy smartphone interface vs. 3-4 buttons
  • Automatically log all the data and transmit professional reports right from the app

When you want the convenience of the ABM-100, plus a whole lot more…upgrade to the ABM-200.
Known as “the Swiss Army Knife of Smartphone Tools”, It has all of the features of the ABM-100 plus gives a better feature vs cost value ratio than any other tool on the market.

The ABM-200 is one powerful meter that gives you:
• Dry Bulb Temperature
• Wet Bulb Temperature
• Feels Like Temperature
• Temperature Differential
• Relative Humidity
• Dew Point
• Barometric Pressure
• Airflow Velocity
• Airflow Volume
• Air Density
• Wind Speed
• Wind Direction
• Max Gusts

Increased Safety and Efficiency – With it's built-in Bluetooth Smart Radio, the ABM-200 can be fixed to the AAB 64” extension pole so you can safely spend less time on ladders.

SPM-100 Static Pressure Meter

Rugged & Durable - The SPM-100 has been one of AAB's best selling tools with proven reliability. It has received outstanding reviews for the combination of accuracy and durability.

Accurate – The SPM-100 is accurate to within 0.04” w.c. This is important, but what is more important is that the SPM-100 is unmatched in accuracy when it comes to onscreen guidance and making sure tests are taken correctly.

Affordable – In addition to it’s competitive price to performance ratio, the SPM-100 is designed to help contractors generate income from the reporting function. External static pressure tests should be documented on every tune-up and system commissioning. If the system static pressure is too high, the most efficient system in the world is worthless because it can’t move the air.

Easy to Use – The meter, the probes and the app are all color coded so that a person with no HVAC knowledge at all can take a Total External Static Pressure Test or several other tests.

The SPM-100 shows how to take tests for:
• Ambient Static Pressure
• Pressure Differential
• Total External Static Pressure
• Indoor vs Outdoor Static Pressure
• Weather Data
• Gas Pressure
• Detailed Emailed Reports